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Italian Marketing Translator at work!

Is your business ready for the Italian market?

Present your brand at its finest to global clients. Enhance your visibility and credibility with captivating Italian content.

Entrusting a professional Italian translator with your documents is the best way to ensure they are translated accurately and thoroughly.

A specialized marketing translator, however, will also respect your brand’s tone of voice and personality, addressing your unique target audience.

I can help you with

Marketing briefing


Is marketing your products or services to the Italian market part of your business plan?

Communicating with your target audience in Italy is a lot easier with a native Italian translator at your side.

When translating your marketing content, I will make sure to adopt the appropriate terminology, style, register and tone of voice, which all contribute to conveying your brand identity in Italian.

You can count on my expertise and specialized knowledge to deliver impeccable texts that will resonate with your customers.


For some types of texts – or part of them – marketing translation is not enough.

The content not only needs to be translated, but it also needs to be adapted to your clients’ culture in order to meet their expectations and elicit the desired (re)action. In this case, what you need is transcreation.

As the name suggests, it’s a more creative process: the text will be transcreated with the aim of recreating the same effect as the original, only on the intended target audience. The result will be as persuasive, compelling and clever as the original copy, but using different wordplays, metaphors, puns, or cultural references.

While it’s a highly creative process, transcreation is carried out based on a brief, containing details about the brand and the specific marketing or advertising campaign. This is why a transcreator usually has both translating and copywriting skills.

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I’m trained to subtitle different types of audiovisual content.

From feature films and short films to marketing and business videos, I can help you create effective subtitles for your Italian audience.

After graduating with a thesis on audiovisual translation, I kept working as a subtitler for film festivals and agency clients. Since 2022, I work as a Subtitle Coordinator for the Lucca Film Festival.

I am currently taking a specialized course to be able to create Italian subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH).

Other services

editing and proofreading

For texts that have been written in Italian by a copywriter or another professional, I can assist you with monolingual revision services.

Proofreading means that I will read the document entirely and thoroughly to spot spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, syntax issues, etc. in the Italian copy.

Editing, on the other hand, might include rephrasing and rewriting parts of the text and making more substantial changes, if needed.

I also offer a specific editing service aimed at ensuring that your Italian content is inclusive, particularly in terms of gender, but also considering people’s culture, beliefs, age, and abilities.

bilingual revision

If your text has already been translated into Italian, I can assist you by reviewing it.

A bilingual revision (or review) process means that I will read the translation, entirely and thoroughly, to spot spelling mistakes, inconsistencies, mistranslations, etc., while comparing it to the original.

My intervention on the text might also include rephrasing and rewriting sentences presenting critical issues (tone of voice, translation which is too literal, etc.).

This service is for texts that have been translated by a human person and are not the output of a machine translation software.


As of today, a machine translation output is likely to present major issues that could damage your brand reputation and turn clients away.

The term Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) refers to the intervention by a specialized professional on a text pre-translated using a translation software.

This service allows you to reduce both the time and the cost of the translation, but it cannot be applied to every type of document.

I recommend MTPE services for long, repetitive or descriptive texts. It is not recommended for creative content and texts that contain many cultural elements.

I specialize in Italian translations for the following industries:

Luxury Goods & Services

In a segment where exclusivity and customized experiences are central to the buyer’s journey, localization plays a major role in attracting and retaining customers. From product descriptions to advertising, press releases and all types of promotional materials, I can assist you in finding your voice on the Italian luxury market.

Cosmetics & Perfumery

The beauty industry generates over $100 billion in revenue worldwide. To reach and surpass your customers’ expectations you need a localization strategy on their market, which will revolve around translating relevant pieces of content, like product labels and descriptions, landing pages, press releases and blog articles.

Travel & Tourism

Your clients’ journey begins long before they arrive at your location. If your hospitality shows in your attention to detail, it should also manifest in the language you choose to communicate with them. Make sure to speak to their heart when they book their next trip!

Arts & Culture

From synopsis to artists’ CVs and biographies, booklets, press releases and articles for specialized magazines, the cultural industry largely benefits from translation services. Within it, I specialize in cinema and performing arts (dance, theatre, music).

Leisure & Lifestyle

I can translate different types of content for the leisure, lifestyle and wellness sector, including websites, apps, brochures, promotional materials, social media posts, landing pages, newsletters, blog posts, and articles for specialized magazines.

But that’s not it!

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it doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t help you.

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