Italian Luxury and Marketing Translator.

I can help you elevate your communication on the Italian market in the luxury, cosmetics, tourism, art, and lifestyle sector.

Discover my marketing translation, transcreation, subtitling, and revision services from English and French to Italian — tailored solutions for your brand.

If you wish to…

Conquer and retain your Italian audience
Cosmetics - Polish your communication with your Italian audience
Hospitality - Make your content inclusive and culturally relevant’re in the right place!

About Me

My name is Mirta Boschetti and I am an Italian marketing translator specialized in the luxury segment. I help brands and businesses reach their objectives by engaging successfully with their Italian audience.

I translate for companies operating in the following industries: jewellery, watchmaking, perfumery, cosmetics, tourism and hospitality, wellness, leisure, and lifestyle.

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What I know best

Cosmetics & Perfumery
Luxury Goods & Services
Leisure, Lifestyle and Well-being
Travel & Hospitality
Arts & Culture

What can you expect from me?

I will only take on projects that correspond to my areas of expertise and for which I can ensure high quality standards.
Your translation will always be delivered on time, and I will be there for you every step of the way.
Tailored solutions
From the initial proposal to the final delivery, I will listen to your needs and tailor my services to meet your expectations.
Tailored solutions


"I worked together with Mirta Boschetti in the organisation of the Lucca Film Festival 2022. She did an excellent job, precise and punctual. She dealt with unforeseen events and last-minute changes to the festival programme with great responsiveness. Her work as coordinator of the translation department was crucial to the success of the festival."

Martino Martinelli

Artistic Direction of Lucca Film Festival

"Mirta always delivered the projects on time within the requested deadline. In addition, the quality of the delivered texts was always very high, and the analyses of the evaluation projects she worked on led to interesting conclusions and valuable insights for the entire language team."

Laura Contemori

Italian Language Specialist at Agoda

"I met Mirta at the University of Bologna some years ago as we were enrolled in the same Master’s degree. I've had the pleasure to work with her and one of her colleagues for the 2022 edition of the Lucca Film Festival. Besides being very professional, she’s definitely one of the most reliable and cooperative people I know. I’d love to work with her again!"

Denise Domenicali

Junior PM, Translator and Subtitler

"Mirta and I are fellow translators and she's a precious colleague to me, always ready to exchange ideas and share industry-related news that might be interesting to me as well. During the Lucca Film Festival 2022, we worked as subtitling coordinators together with another colleague, and again Mirta showed each time her professionalism, flexibility, and specific skills. I'm looking forward to working on a project together again in the future!"

Giulia Lucania

Translator, subtitler and Italian teacher

"Once again, I wanted to thank you for the quality of your translation. You showed great accuracy and I appreciated the fact that we regularly exchanged on the precise meaning to be given to my text. I would also like to thank you for your punctuality and responsiveness in this work. I will not hesitate to call upon your services again."

Pierre-Olivier Legros

Medical Student

"Mirta participated in the 2020 edition of Aglateach Bootcamp, our training program for young graduates who want to pursue a freelance career in translation. She immediately stood out for her skills, precision and thoroughness. Even though she is a relatively junior translator, her professionalism is outstanding. We are very pleased to be working with her!"

Laura Ferrario

Recruitment Specialist – Aglatech14 S.p.A

"Mirta is very precise and good at her job. I entrusted her with the translation of a very important text, the synopsis of the project for one of my contemporary dance performances, and the result was impeccable."

Federica De Francesco

Dancer and Choreographer

"Mirta is a highly professional translator: her translations have always received positive feedback. Personally, I greatly appreciate her promptness in answering our requests and her punctuality. I find our collaboration very satisfactory."

Giulia Saguatti

Project Manager - Imagine Traduzioni s.r.l.

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